Power Bank Battery Cell of Li-Polymer

October 10, 2017 | By: Mengtop 320 0

According to the electrolyte materials different, li-polymer battery can divided into Liquefied Lithium-lon Battery or LIB for short. And Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery or PLB for short. Their main different is electrolyte, LIB use liquid electrolyte, PLB use solid polymer electrolyte for replace. This kind of polymer can ‘dry’ or ‘colloidal’, currently, most of manufacturer use polymer colloidal electrolyte.


1.One battery voltage can up to 3.6V-3.8V.

2.Large capacity density.

3.Low self-discharge rate, after long time, the capacity loss is small.

4.Long life time, cycle life can reach 500 times.

5.No memory effect. No need for discharge to empty.

6.Safety than 18650 lithium battery.

Construct of polymer battery use aluminum plastic soft packing, if it is in an accident, the li polymer battery will gas bubbling and gas expansion only.

7.Small thickness

Ultra-thin, normal liquid lithium battery thickness is around 3.6mm. But li-polymer battery can make thickness under 1mm. That is why smartphone battery are use li-polymer battery.


No need metal shell for protection, so li-polymer battery weight is lighter than same capacity shell lithium battery around 40%, lighter than aluminum battery around 20%.

9.High Capacity

Compare with same dimensions’ lithium battery, the capacity of li-polymer battery will higher them around 5%-15%.

10.Small Internal resistance

China factories can make internal resistance under 35mΩ, which can greatly reduce battery’s self-discharge, extend stand-by time.

11.Customized shape

No limited for the shape, can accord to the device change the shape, increase or decrease the thickness, fully use the spaces.

12.Excellent discharge characteristic

Colloidal electrolyte discharge characteristic is very stable and high discharge platform.


1.High cost.

Polymer electrolytes purify is very difficult.

2.Protection circuit control

Need protect circuit control, over-charge and over-discharge will destroyed battery internal chemical materials reversibility, and it will influence the battery life.

Now I hope you will clear to know the main battery cell of power bank and which one do you prefer. You can use these 2 posts to choose the suitable power bank for yourself. Believe me and remember again: you get what you pay for.